The first workshop on Operating Systems and Virtualization Security (OSVS) will be organized in conjunction with IEEE EuroS&P 2024. The workshop will take place on July 12, 2024 (post-conference workshop) in Vienna, Austria. This edition of the workshop will feature research-oriented presentations and panel discussions by providing a platform for participants to engage with cutting-edge research and industry practices. Please refer to the program page for the full details.

Call for Papers

Operating Systems (OS) and Virtualization Technologies (VT) play pivotal roles in shaping the landscape of contemporary computation and communication paradigms, notably cloud/edge computing and 5G/6G. These technologies harness primitive security mechanisms embedded in hardware to furnish essential security features and services, including fundamental identity management and access control. These foundational elements form the bedrock of application security and, consequently, the overall cybersecurity of the interconnected cyberspace. The Operating Systems and Virtualization Security (OSVS) Workshop fosters the development and presentation of research papers that delve into higher automated security services and innovative security assessment and assurance methodologies. We aim to support the secure-by-design development and verification of cloud, edge, and 5G applications.

Aim & Scope

The OSVS Workshop welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics related to Operating Systems and Virtualization Security. We encourage original research papers that explore, but are not limited to, the following areas:

    Advanced Automated Security Service
    • Development and implementation of novel security services leveraging advancements in Operating Systems and Virtualization Technologies
    • Integration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to enhance security measures
    • Exploration of self-defending systems and proactive threat mitigation strategies
    Innovative Methodologies for Security Assessment and Assurance
    • Novel approaches for assessing the security posture of operating systems and virtualized environments
    • Metrics and frameworks for evaluating the effectiveness of security mechanisms
    • Techniques for continuous security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response
    Secure-by-Design Development and Verification
    • Integration of security principles in the design and development phases of cloud, edge, and 5G applications
    • Formal methods and verification techniques for ensuring the security of operating systems and virtualized infrastructures
    • Case studies and best practices in achieving secure-by-design principles in real-world applications. Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment:
    • Techniques for identifying and modeling security threats specific to operating systems and virtualization technologies
    • Risk assessment methodologies to quantify and prioritize potential security risks
    • Case studies and real-world examples of threat modeling in diverse computing environments
    Cybersecurity in Cloud, Edge, and 5G Environments
    • Security challenges and solutions specific to cloud computing, edge computing, and 5G/6G networks
    • Securing the virtualized infrastructure in edge computing scenarios
    • Ensuring the security and resilience of 5G/6G applications in dynamic and distributed environments
    Cyber range systems
    • Use of cyber ranges for case studies and training/testing methods relevant to the above topics
    For more information about the type of submissions, please refer to the submission page.

    Important Dates

    Submission deadline for papers:March 15, 2024 (AoE) April 1, 2024 (AoE)
    Notification of Acceptance:April 30, 2024
    Camera-ready deadline:May 15, 2024
    Workshop date:July 12, 2024